Summer Camp

Beginning in 2018, the Homeless Angels launched their “Send an Angel to Camp” scholarship program. This program offers five scholarships to Camp Barakel in Michigan. This opportunity is open to children living in Ingham, Clinton or Eaton counties who are in 3rd to 12th grade, and are currently experiencing homelessness or living in a home whose combined family income is below the annual federal poverty level. Children whose families are not struggling financially have more opportunity to participate in camp and other educational programs during the summer. We believe children whose families are financially disadvantaged should have the same opportunity. Send an Angel to Camp scholarships help children constructively learn independence, build essential relationships, and reap the benefits of connecting with nature while building lasting memories.

The Homeless Angels will provide the full tuition needed to attend the week-long camp including roundtrip transportation from Lansing to Camp Barakel, a complete lunch for the ride to camp, and any items needed in which the family does not have to assure our recipient has a memorable experience.