Dan’s Story

Meet Dan,
He came to us after living in his truck with his children. His home was bought out from under him when the property changed owners and his family no longer had a home.
Like so many single fathers there’s just not enough room in the system and his oldest child faced entering the men’s shelter alone at such a young age. Danny just couldn’t live with that so he did what he had to do and it brought him to us!
He found a spot in our community funded hotel program that was safe for him and his children, he got a job and worked hard to get back on his feet. We’re proud to say that today dan and his family got the keys to their new home!!
Welcome HOME Danny!!

Jimmie’s Story

Less then a week ago we found Jimmie cold and alone in her wheelchair on the streets of Lansing. She was out of hope and no where to turn.
Today we are proud to share that Jimmie has got the keys to her very own home!
She has started moving out of the community funded hotel program this afternoon.
She’s proof that no matter your age, you’re never too old for a miracle!
Welcome home Jimmie!

Chicago’s Story

Meet Chicago,
Once homeless attending college to try and better his life he lived in a tent next to happy’s pizza downtown.
After joining our hotel program last summer and securing a good job he moved on to his new life. It’s been months since we have seen him.
But today he dropped in to thank us for the chance to mow the hotels grass while his life was under construction.
As you can see Chicago’s big dreams are coming true!!

Monique’s Story

Meet Monique,
She came to us last month pregnant and cold with nowhere to go. Today she moves into her new home from the community funded hotel program our second resident today to move.
Although we hate to see them go it’s a testament to just how far we have come to make homelessness a thing of the past for many Mid-Michigan families!
Welcome home, Monique!

Loretta’s Story

Meet Loretta,
Her and her children have been homeless for over a month. Moving from place to place and then on the streets before coming to our community funded hotel program where her children and herself found safe warm beds while she saved for her own place..
Today we’re happy to announce she got the keys to her very own home!
Congratulations Loretta you’re homeless NO MORE!

Lori’s Story

Meet Lori and her son,

For months they lived in their car or paid high price hotel rates trying to stay safe and warm. When they came to the community funded hotel program they had one goal: find permanent housing.

Today we’re proud to say they have found that home and are moving out to start the next chapter of their story this time they are homeless no more!

Let’s welcome them HOME!

Victor’s Story

Meet Victor,
He’s a veteran from Georgia, In November he and his wife Nicki relocated here to Michigan to start a new life. Their plans went horribly wrong ending up on the streets of Lansing in the bitter cold.
We found them trying to stay warm at the CATA station around midnight on a street walk with representative Tom Barrett who is also a veteran. Victor and Nicki joined our community funded hotel program November 12th.
Now with a full time job and a positive outlook on his future we are happy to say they are moving into their OWN home today!!
Congratulations Victor and Nicki welcome home!!

Herman’s Story

Meet Herman,
He battled alcoholism for many years and came to the homeless hotel for help almost two weeks ago. Shaking and cold a friend helped him into a rehab/detox program to regain his life.
Today Herman checked in to the community funded hotel program sober going on two weeks and he’s ready for a fresh start.
Herman has 2 PHD’s and 2 masters degrees and never thought he would lose his job and his life would spiral downward. He says that homelessness can happen to ANYONE.. And he’s going to prove that he can turn his life around and wanted us to THANK YOU for a chance to rebuild his life!

Raccoon and Frank Update

Remember these two guys?

Raccoon and Frank were homeless this winter. They gained full-time employment from a local hotel Last November they still have full-time jobs and a roof over their heads For the longest period Since homelessness!