Homes of Hope

The Homeless Angels’ Home of Hope program was birthed in 2017 when a couple wanted to donate their recently acquired home. The home was part of an inheritance that turned into a costly expenditure. The first thought was to sell the house, using the profit to pay down the mortgage on the hotel. However, while this would have been a blessing, it was not God’s plan. And after six months, many volunteers, and several contractors needed to bring this home to livable standards, Homes of Hope has officially launched with its focus on finding and creating affordable housing to help the homeless community get back on their feet, and into a place of their own.

What is the mission?
Our mission is to create an affordable step-up housing program by utilizing existing resources within our community to give people a hand up.

How does Homes of Hope work?
Homeless Angels works with the homeless community, seeking those that are prepared to take the next step by giving them a hand up. We have partnered with a property management company who manages the application, tenant screening, leasing, and management of Homeless Angels’ properties at no charge. Because we own the properties, we can be flexible with our terms, treating each tenant on an individual basis, not just based on some numbers on a credit report or their lack of employment history.

Do Homes of Hope tenants pay rent?
Yes, Homeless Angels does charge rent to those moving into one of its step-up properties, this serves multiple purposes.  First, it covers property expenses, and it is also a revenue stream for the Homeless Angels—after insurance, utilities, and any maintenance all proceeds then go back to the mission field to feed, care for and house the homeless.  Second, it is a building block towards their success.  It builds responsibility, establishes payment history and gives a sense of accomplishment.

How can the community get involved in Homes of Hope?
If you or someone you know has a home, multi-unit structure, or an apartment building and are looking to free yourself from it, whether it is profitable or a costly and unprofitable property, a charitable house donation is a winning solution. By donating your property to the Homeless Angels, we can continue to improve the lives of those we serve.

If you are interested in donating a home, please email your contact information to